It all began with an idea. An idea sparked on the slopes of Mt. Kiliminjaro as our family of four was preparing to move back to America, returning with a vision of empowerment and dignity. My husband, two little girls and I had been living in Tanzania, Africa for 2 1/2 years serving a non-profit organization and our time was coming to an end. Even though we knew it was time for us to move back, our hearts were still very much filled with love for Tanzania and its people. We ached at the thought of leaving our friends behind and leaving a place before the change we so deeply believe in had come to pass.

But that is the power of an idea. The idea that we could continue to link arms with people in Tanzania and offer support for the positive work being done there. With a spark of passion ignited in a small shop filled with handmade purses and sandals. As I stood amongst these Tanzanian artisans, I saw smiles, heard beautiful voices singing as they worked and ran my hands over the beautiful products they had created...all created in a workshop where babies were freely playing beside their mamas. I was amazed and thought,

“THIS is what dignified work looks like.”

There was no factory where people are numbers and wages are unsustainable.

With the passion sparked, we began to reach out and found a network of small social enterprises within Tanzania, empowering men and women while providing jobs making incredible goods. We were so amazed with what they were doing that we wanted to share it with others. This is when we decided to take a leap of faith and invest into these businesses and non-profits to bring them to you.

We do this not only as a way to support these artisans that are able to make a sustainable wage for themselves and their families, but also as a platform to share what it means to be a conscious consumer. We believe we should care about the people behind the purchases we make as much as the products themselves.




We exist to empower international small business owners and skills-based nonprofits by offering beautiful products at a price that is fair to the artisans who create them.

WE BELIEVE IN YOUR VALUE...and your ability to help change the world. What you buy matters, how you buy matters. Your purchase enables our artisans who have been surrounded by poverty to find a skill that provides food, shelter, school fees, and a brighter future to fulfill their dreams. Real people with real stories, from Eliza in Tanzania, to Akot in Uganda and Julia in Peru. Why do we care about the hands and heart behind the products we purchase?...Because we are all beautifully made.