We partner with over 100 artisans in 4 countries.  Here are a few of their stories!


Fatuma spent much of her childhood hidden from society because she became deaf at 9 years old.  After finding a school for the deaf, she became a seamstress but was often disregarded because of her disability.  Now she works with others who are deaf working at Neema Crafts and has found dignity in making beautiful items.  



After her father died, Evangelina became depressed and had a difficult time finding work.  She resorted to selling vegetables at the local market, but wasn't making enough to provide for herself or her family.  She is now an artisan with Krochet Kids Intl. and not only is able to provide for her family, but has been empowered to hope and dream to start her own business.


With 5 children to provide for, Lakareber found herself doing what she could to provide for them, from weeding other's gardens to wandering through fields searching for firewood to sell.  Now that she has been taught to crochet, she along with many other women in Uganda are able to PURCHASE firewood, pay for school fees and feed her children.  THIS is empowerment.