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Happy spring babes! You know what that means — time to get the trash bags out and declutter the heck out of our lives. You may be wondering how to achieve this in a way that is ethical? I’m about to share some insight on that sister!


I think we can all agree that Marie Kondo is an adorable, Japanese, spring cleaning ninja. I mention her because she has popularized the notion of minimalism and how tidying up your space leads to a happier and more efficient life. I don’t know if you’ve watched her Netflix show or read her book, but she has sparked an urge to simplify my belongings and clutter. The only problem with designating piles of “does not spark joy” items is the amount of trash you can create by putting it out on the curb for your weekly trash pickup. Believe me, those landfills do NOT need any more help growing. Our culture of plastic waterbottles and disposable-everything has that covered to a T. So let’s get right down to it: your best steps to saving the planet while finding joy.

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