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Is there anyone else who wishes to do more good in this world, but just can’t figure out where to begin? I know I’m always trying to slowly make changes in my lifestyle to live more conscientiously, but our culture urges us to buy single use, disposable, and poor quality items — especially when it comes to clothes and apparel. This “throw-away” culture not only harms the environment but also leads to a supply chain that favors inexpensive labor and fast, poor-quality manufacturing. Here are Mosaic’s five tips on how to be a conscious consumer:

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All that to say, it does matter where you purchase your clothing from. I know we don’t mean to buy clothing that is manufactured in sweatshops, and we would never consciously want to support inhumane practices. Mosaic is proud and honored to provide ethical goods from valued artisans who are paid a living wage and work in dignified conditions.

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