How Your Purchase Provides Clean Water

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How Your Purchase Provides Clean Water


We LOVE to highlight the impact that your purchases make in the individual lives of the artisans in 7 different countries. We are ALL about empowerment through job creation.

But we also know that there are situations where people need a helping hand just get on their feet...a stepping stone to get them to next level to overcome cirucmstances. One area of need we have listened to by community leaders in East Africa + the Philippines is the need for clean water. Simple as that.

Or is it? Clean water is something that many Americans don't have to think about. We just go to our tap or filters and fill up. This isn't the case for so many communities around the world. And it not only passes on water borne illnesses, but leads to vicious cycles of poverty.

In order to get clean water (or the cleanest available), young girls are usually the first to drop out of school to fetch the water for their families.

Education = Opportunity, but what about those who have that stripped away simply because of lack of accessible water?

This is where your purchase makes an impact. With the profits made from your purchases, we are able to partner with local businesses making safe water filters and distributing them through relationships we have built in several countries. So we as a collective build up local businesses in the community, meet a physical need, and provide education on finances...all from the purchases of beautiful products. All of this takes place through our parent organization Mosaic International Ministries. To learn more about the different projects that the profits invest into + more ways you can invest into them, click here.

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