Finding Healing Through Pottery

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Finding Healing Through Pottery

I've always heard about the healing power of pottery making, from the calm it can bring to the transformation seen in a piece of artwork. Like our own lives, there are times when one can feel hopeless about it's form and shape, ready to be given up on. Yet if the potter gives it some time and attention, it can be reshaped and formed into something magnificent.

pottery potter hands forming

Photo by Maggie Markel on Unsplash

Prodigal Pottery is an organization + business doing just women another chance to have their lives reshaped and built into something beautiful. Through employment of making and selling pottery, the women of Prodigal Pottery have overcome homelessness, domestic abuse and sex trafficking. While some may have seen their situations as hopeless, this organization believes in their potential and desires to see their empowerment through healing and business skills. 

pottery prodigal pottery healing through making pottery

Photo by Prodigal Pottery

We feature some of their pieces at Mosaic Collective because we believe in empowerment through employment and seeing beautiful people and pieces come out of the process.

Here are some of their gorgeous designs that we carry:

Pottery collection healing through pottery making

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