4 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring To Your Life

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4 Ways to Add a Touch of Spring To Your Life

Whether you are in a warm climate or still dreaming of the warm weather around the corner, EVERYONE could add a touch of spring to their lives to brighten things up + bring a little hope for newness.

Check out these suggestions below to add some beautiful warmth to your April!

1. Throw Pillows

Changing out throw pillows for each season is an easy and affordable way to refresh a space. These Palm Pillows are a perfect addition to your seating or bedding to bring the tropics into your home. 


2. House Plants

Green is in for ALL seasons, but especially as it sprouts outside from the views of our windows. Why not bring them in to our homes as well. Plus, we could all use the extra oxygen they provide. If you're like me, the lower maintenance the better + you can't really overdo them (almost)!

House Plant Light Summer Spring Space 

3. Muted Colors

Colors are so symbolic of the time of year + can have an incredible effect on our vibes. By switching out some of the bold colors and adding a some muted pieces or simple white, a space can be transformed. Check out some of these pottery pieces that add a simple yet noticeable touch to home.

 Soap Dish Plants Bathroom Decor

4. Accessorize

Our apparel is a reflection of our mood, so even if it's not quite time to put away the winter wear, adding some spring is simple through your jewelry. Light + Bright is in. Check out these modern pieces below to let the warm vibes flow.


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