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Happy spring babes! You know what that means — time to get the trash bags out and declutter the heck out of our lives. You may be wondering how to achieve this in a way that is ethical? I’m about to share some insight on that sister!


I think we can all agree that Marie Kondo is an adorable, Japanese, spring cleaning ninja. I mention her because she has popularized the notion of minimalism and how tidying up your space leads to a happier and more efficient life. I don’t know if you’ve watched her Netflix show or read her book, but she has sparked an urge to simplify my belongings and clutter. The only problem with designating piles of “does not spark joy” items is the amount of trash you can create by putting it out on the curb for your weekly trash pickup. Believe me, those landfills do NOT need any more help growing. Our culture of plastic waterbottles and disposable-everything has that covered to a T. So let’s get right down to it: your best steps to saving the planet while finding joy.

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  I’ve always cared about saving the environment, buying organic, supporting small business, and have overall tried to be a good little millennial who strives to improve the world I live in. Surprisingly, I never placed value on finding out how my clothes were made, under what conditions they were made, or where they came from. This has changed since I met Brittany (CEO of Mosaic Collective) and other small business owners in Colorado Springs that are social entrepreneurs - meaning their businesses aim to alleviate social, cultural, or environmental issues. I had no idea that I cared about buying secondhand...

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I've always heard about the healing power of pottery making, from the calm it can bring to the transformation seen in a piece of artwork. Like our own lives, there are times when one can feel hopeless about it's form and shape, ready to be given up on. Yet if the potter gives it some time and attention, it can be reshaped and formed into something magnificent. Photo by Maggie Markel on Unsplash Prodigal Pottery is an organization + business doing just women another chance to have their lives reshaped and built into something beautiful. Through employment of making and selling...

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Whether you are in a warm climate or still dreaming of the warm weather around the corner, EVERYONE could add a touch of spring to their lives to brighten things up + bring a little hope for newness. Check out these suggestions below to add some beautiful warmth to your April! 1. Throw Pillows Changing out throw pillows for each season is an easy and affordable way to refresh a space. These Palm Pillows are a perfect addition to your seating or bedding to bring the tropics into your home.    2. House Plants Green is in for ALL seasons,...

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#WORLDWATERDAY We LOVE to highlight the impact that your purchases make in the individual lives of the artisans in 7 different countries. We are ALL about empowerment through job creation. But we also know that there are situations where people need a helping hand just get on their feet...a stepping stone to get them to next level to overcome cirucmstances. One area of need we have listened to by community leaders in East Africa + the Philippines is the need for clean water. Simple as that. Or is it? Clean water is something that many Americans don't have to think...

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